Friday, November 26, 2004

Robert Scoble - big bad boy or real nice person ?

Take a look at Scoble's recent post where he talks about his link blog.

He says, "either allow me to repost all your content from here or I won't read your stuff !!"

Now, inspite of all the hard work that Scoble puts in for the hours spend on reading the 1000+ blogs each day, IMO, it's kinda rude to say "play it by my rules or else ...".

Just wondering if the M$ attitude is rubbing off him too :) Given that he's one of the most widely read bloggers, he certainly has the potential to advertise any blog, but "twisting" this way does appear a bid unkind to me.

Read the comments section for a few ideas, arguments.

BTW, what do you think ? Is such action justifiable ? I'm hard pressed (at this moment) to draw perfect analogies out of real world for such an attitude that could draw social and/or legal flak. Anyone have ideas ?

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