Saturday, November 13, 2004

Redhat, IITB paving the way for increasing Indian presence in OSS ...

Yet another move to hopefully increase the India footprint in the Open Source Software community.

From a Redhat engineer in India:

Over the last four-five years, what I have seen is the same bunch of boring projects being done by final year engineering students. These are completely divorced from reality and have a snowflake's chance in hell of being useful in real life. Every year, India produces around 300,000 engineering students through 1,400 engineering colleges and if even a fraction of them can be converted to OSS, they can have a large global impact.

One modest step that we at Red Hat took was to launch the Red Hat Scholarships to launch the Red Hat Scholarships in collaboration with IIT Bombay (see to encourage OSS development among engineering and MCA students. Around 2000+ students applied and the final number was whittled down to around 290 proposals for OSS projects. The details of these projects will be available on the IITB web site soon. We want this to be an annual event and if anyone has suggestions/ideas for the Red Hat scholarships, I would be most happy to hear them because we want to leverage this program to increase India's contribution to the global OSS community.

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