Thursday, November 25, 2004

How much spyware from a single site visited on WinXP ..

Did you ever know how much you are at risk not running the latest, greatest version of M$ Windows software, not to mention a decent firewall and an antispyware tool.

Read on for an example of how much can happen.

Ben Edelman has written extensively on issues including censorship and spyware. He's got a very interesting piece on his site now about who profits from spyware, and how much spyware can be installed on a Windows XP machine when the user simply visits a single Web site using Internet Explorer.

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Nirenjan said...

Yeah I know, I've had this experience a zillion times already with WinXP and in the end, I've had no choice but to format and reinstall the full OS. Thankfully, I haven't had this problem after I've installed XPSP2 and Mozilla Firefox, although my dad complains that a couple of sites do not work in Firefox. I know, even my company's intranet is designed for IE6.