Thursday, November 04, 2004

How India became attractive to Cisco

A bit of a dated article (27th September 2004 edition of BusinessWorld India). Nonetheless definitely worth reading given Cisco's growing presence in Indian market. The latest VSNL, Cisco deal is an outstanding example of the progress it's making in India.

Two of its top three deals last year in the Asia-Pacific market came from India. Little wonder the networking giant is changing everything - from its country manager to its inventory holding systems - to tap the market better. The story of how a booming Indian market is changing global corporate behaviour.


Cisco now commands 5 per cent of total IT spends in India - up from 3 per cent just three years ago. It is also the fastest growing tech MNC in India (See 'Top Tech MNCs In India'). By end 2000, Cisco had done business in India worth Rs 765 crore; last year, its revenues rose to Rs 1,630 crore. Given that it grew by 47 per cent last year, that number should easily touch $500 million next year - roughly the size of business done by companies like Satyam, Dr. Reddy's and Britannia. Cisco officials say the growth curve in India is just beginning. "A large Fortune 1000 company spends about 8 per cent of its revenues on IT. The Indian enterprise still spends only about 0.8 per cent," Salgame points out.

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