Thursday, November 25, 2004

Did I say Motorola mobile - c350e sux ?

My first mobile phone is a Motorola mobile - c350e. And, it sux big time. That's probably the last motorola mobile phone (any model) I'll ever buy.

Problems with c350e
* Too less volume while ringing (U'll often miss calls if phone is in another room, or while travelling outdoors unless in vibrate mode)
* Too less volume while listening (It's just not enough most of the times in case you are outdoor)
* Horrible echo while talking to others (It gets on my nerves as well as the calling person's)

That's enough to throw it in the trash can, IMO.

The color display, WAP, GPRS connection, etc don't ever matter. I got it at around Rs.5000 or Rs.5500. Now, it's selling at Rs.4500.

Recommendation : Don't even bother to go mobile, if you want to choose this Motorola c350e. Trust me on this one !

And, I happened to commit the grave mistake of giving an OK initially to a few of my friends who had asked for recommendation. I was plain mistaken. So, should I reimburse them ? - like hell no :)

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