Saturday, November 13, 2004

College projects ?! Search no more ...

If you are looking for a project to complete your college degree, look no further. Here's some great info on how you can enter into the world of open source, learn more, contribute to the community and complete your degree in the meanwhile. (I make this sound quite hunky dory - I haven't had first hand exposure, feedback, but I'm optimistic about the efforts).

From a Novell engineer based in Bangalore, India :

The initiative of is towards helping students in India to take up open source development. Please do check that site.

We have already assigned our key engineers to work closely with students who want to contribute to work on open source projects in the Linux Desktop area primarily. (also web services like UDDI). This does address many of the issues discussed in this mail thread. You can make money thru Gnome Bounties program and of course learn to work in a open source project with top class professionals.

We also support these people in providing CDs of free source to conserve their limited band width. The gnomebangalore server is envisioned to provide resources to foster collaboration in the indian open source developers.

At this time we have very significant success stories already. We have several students coming to us as a "nobody" to do a project and completing the project with an "international" identity while they are still studying and have a more than a year to pass out. We had some students who had not yet done the "Networks" course in their college but contributed live code to Network applications in GNOME & Evolution. The spirit and talent of this minority of the Indian student community is limitless.

I must also mention that we have also seen a large number onlookers and casual students.. We have tried to educate and orient this crowd as well but that is not our core competency or core interest.

Anyone interested to work with us or know more on what we are doing is most welcome contact me or anyone in my team thru the gnomebangalore site.

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