Sunday, November 14, 2004

Cameras on Mobiles - Dilbert Rocks ...

Take a look at today's Dilbert Strip !

I don't think anyone could portray the "ban on mobile phones with camera at work" scenario better :)

Infact, this is one of the reasons why I'm not getting my next best all-in-one-mobile :) I remember reading somewhere that Nokia and other phone manufacturers were pushing hard to actually come up with papers and research on why such bans are a bad idea - of course, their revenue is at stake :)

Doubtess, it's rather unfortunate that such bans have to be in place inspite of kewl technology :) Reasons are pretty "well understood", however I still miss my mobile camera phone (which I'd have otherwise puirchased) :(


Catbert (Evil Director of Human Resources) : reads up a cheat sheet book to hit upon a "brilliant idea".

Scenario: Meeting

Catbert : Cell phones with cameras are banned from the workplace.

Asok (the intern) : Why ?

Catbert : We don't want you taking pictures of proprietary information.

Asok : Most of our information is in digital form and can be e-mailed anywhere.

Asok : The rest is on paper that can be copied, scanned or tucked down one's trousers.

Asok : My new cell phone will be rendered useless for no good reason.

Asok : (Very highly agitated) And you aren't even banning regular cameras !!

Catbert : (Taking a photo - with a camera - of highly agitated Asok) This one goes in the scrapbook.

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