Friday, October 15, 2004

TECH TALK: The Network Computer: Making It Happen (includes M$ bashing amongst others) ...

The article is definitely an interesting read. Try to follow the series (if you have the time).

I touched upon this here in an earlier post. Looks like there are other nice things to note here too.


Microsoft's emerging market strategy seems to be low-cost, limited functionality, local language versions of Windows XP (called Starter Editions). This is a flawed approach, as I wrote recently on my weblog: “Microsoft is caught between piracy, non-consumption and Linux in the developing markets. Rather than low-cost, reduced functionality Windows, it should look at reducing cost of the desktop computers (think thin clients) and running Windows off centralised platforms, with a pricing of $1 per month. Not just the limited versions, but the full-featured versions. But this requires Microsoft to think not like a monopoly but like a utility company.” [Also see some of the comments from readers as part of this post.]

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