Wednesday, October 06, 2004

No mandatory CAS, says TRAI

Throwing the ball back in the government's court, TRAI on Friday favoured status quo on the existing cable set-up across the country, including tariffs.

Hmm, these morons can never decide and finalize upon one thing. All that they ended up doing was botch up Chennai's cable viewing public with compulsory CAS (conditional access system) and 99% of the population has not bought an STB (set top box).

Most of the people (including me) don't even have an intention of buying one in the immediate/mid-term future. No one wants to be held ransom by the local cable operator with a so called refundable deposit that'll never come back.

Have started waiting for a full fledged DTH (direct to home) system to come up, but then even there - the broadcasters are playing truant :(

In short, while the whole of India is happily watching all channels, 99% of Chennai is suffering with just a few free channels. Man, do I miss all the comedies (on Zee English and Star) and cartoons (on Cartoon Network).

The morons who are responsible for this should be shot down :)

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