Wednesday, October 13, 2004

My body took control ...

I crashed out for around 11hrs last night - from 9.15pm or so till about 8.15am today morning (about 11hrs) !! I don't like to sleep more than 5-6hrs a day (in fact as less as possible - sleep is a waste of time IMO) and that's what I'd been keeping up for a long time recently, but then my system just didn't like it or take it anymore y'day :)

I was reaching Archies comics on the bed (a bad place to be if you want to stay awake) and didn't fully know when I exactly dozed off. Even missed a few calls from my friends (didn't even hear my phone ringing !).

Let's see if I'm now charged to start the journey once again.

Why am I writing this : This is the reason I didn't blog y'day :)

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