Saturday, October 02, 2004

Must have tools ... and connecting from home via DSL ...

An update since the first time I wrote this. Updated on 6-Dec-2004, 2.10am IST.

Have revisited the list of applications, reordered them in decreasing order of must-have(ness), IMHO. Except for one tool listed below, all the others are FREE and absolutely wonderful.

Original post further down below, saved for posterity :)

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Original post follows ! The below referred 64KBps must actually be 64Kbps !! :) So much for my ignorance :)


I've been connected for the past 1.5hrs (since 10.25pm, 1-Oct-2004) or so from home, installing a series of software (most via downloads).

Download speeds have been varying between 10-12KB/sec - nothing of the much hyped 64KBps. A definite let down to say the least. Will have to talk to the service folks tomorrow (actually it'll be Monday 'cos tomorrow is probably a holiday for most of the folks and I too would like a break). Anyway, let me see :)

So, here's the list of software downloaded, installed (or to be) for tonight (must have) ...

1. Firefox (Web Browser)
2. Zone Alarm Personal Firewall
3. AVG Antivirus
4. Spybot - Search & Destroy (Anti Spyware)
5. Thunderbird (Email Client)
6. w.bloggar (Best Blogging Tool)
7. FeedDemon (Best RSS/ATOM Feed Reader)
8. Putty (SSH Client)
9. Sygate Personal Firewall
10. Yahoo Messenger
11. GMail Notifier (Notifier for GMail)
12. Irfanview (Best Image Viewer)

Probably Skype should get added to that, but we'll wait and see !

More to surely follow, but any of those will not exactly be that critical for my existence at home :) The above are a must have - IMO :)


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