Friday, October 01, 2004

The movie theatre fiasco in B'lore, Karnataka ...

Movie producers and actors (IIRC) in Karnataka forced movie theaters to show only Kannada movies (regional language). All other language movies (including the much more or equally popular Tamil, Telugu, Hindi and English) are to be screened only after 7 weeks of launch !!

Not only does this smack of protectionism, it also spurs the growth of video piracy.

Don't those guys realize that they better make good movies to attract audience or get out of business ?! What is this whole dumb thing about dictating what I'm supposed to watch when there are better alternatives (and I'm still not talking about the censor board) ?!

And, that too in a place like B'lore which is one of the software hubs of the world with people from all over the country (and outside too) ! What are those poor folks supposed to watch - 7 week old movies when all the channels are buzzing with information about the latest action movie hit ?! Poor blokes :)

Don't these movie morons ever learn anything ?!

It's heartening to see that at least a few theatres withdrew from the ban and started showing latest non-kannada movies.

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