Thursday, October 14, 2004

M$ blogs are an interesting PR strategy (read about Scoble, co-optation) ...

Read this post titled

Airline passenger to me: "Your products suck!"

It's interesting to note that people (more so Scoble) are trying to (hopefully, not just appear to) reach out via blogs to the user community and get inputs/feedback and present it to the internal customers.

But will it ever change what M$ is ?! That's like trying to change the "Genetic DNA" of the organization. And, it's a very hard thing to do. For a company which is clueless (or perenially refuses to acknowledge) about what is the problem with the stuff that it doles out, how can these self professed "Messiahs" change things around ?

FWIW, there's an interesting strategy in OSDC (Organization Design Structure and Change). It's called co-optation. If someone (say your enemy/rival company, opponent camp) etc is dead against you on something, invite him/her to the table and offer them to be a part of creating the solution to "fix" the "problem".

And as Dilbert would probably say, once you've bitten _that_ bullet, there's no going back ! :)

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