Saturday, October 09, 2004

Looks like my favorite comedy channels are mostly dishing out the same old serials ...

that I saw about 5-6 months ago. Since I moved location from Avadi to Vadapalani, I've lost out on watching my favorite comedy channels (Zee English, Star World) and Cartoon Network due to the CAS (conditional Access System) / STB (Set Top Box) fiasco in Chennai.

Here's a list of comedy serials that I like - it's a big list :) I love comedy :)

However, it appears that both channels haven't changed their comedy programs much from what I saw earlier. Good for me - till I get the STB or DTH - I won't be missing anything :)

As for Cartoon Network, yes I'm probably missing all the fun - there's even a new Archie's serial !! :(

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