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LASIK surgery recommendations/cautions from an office mailing list ...

Shankar Nethralaya


Has anybody or any of your friends/relatives have undergone this LASIK surgery? If so, please share your experiences on how reliable and safe doing this surgery and any other relevant details about this?

Consolidated Replies on this topic:


My friend had this surgery at aravinth eye hospital, coimbatore, 3 years back and till now no problems for him. The cost was around 21K totally. It just takes 20 minutes for the surgery and I guess you have to take a week rest after that. Before the operation he has had a power of 6. Initially after the operation the power was NIL, and after one year it became 0.5 and now it is 0.75 and he hopes that it wont increase further.


I underwent LASIK last January (I had a power of -9), and my sight is near normal. There is not any guarantee for zero power after surgery & it has post-operation infection risk. Go for it only if you have very high power.

-> What was ur eye power before and after correction?

Before : it was 3
After : guess its 0.5.

-> How much it costed?

It was 21000 for both eyes

-> How many days did u take leave includign before and after surgery?

10 days altogetther. 1 day before the surgery and the remaining after.


Two years ago, a cousin sister of mine came down to chennai for this surgery from Bombay at Sankara' Netralaya. She arrived in chennai on a wednesday -- with thick power glasses of 8 (left) and 8.5 (right) on her eyes. She spent just some days in chennai - during which she got the initial checkup (full day) done and the surgery for left eye (friday) and right eye (monday). She was back on a train - free from her 8-8.5+ glasses on next wednesday. She has not been using any glasses anymore since then...though the doctors said that she had potential to loose upto 0.5 again over years.

..cost was approx 14k per eye !!

Dr Rajesh Fogla did the procedure on her in Sankara's...


My opinion is . It is good to get that surgery. But no seems to give guarantee that you will not need lens any more.

One more thing you will have some issues with your vision like glare, unable to ride vehicles at night for atleast 3 months.


I have been wearing specs for the last 12 years. I am from Madurai and I had close contacts with some eye specialists from Aravind Eye hospital. I attended a counselling session from one of the chief doctors there for the same surgery.

They said that after the surgery, there would be a permanent glare and should avoid driving in the night. Moreover, if you are going to work on computers, its better to avoid surgery. No doctors actually tell this to the patients as none would come forward for the surgery. If the patient is aged 35+ , it is suggested to go ahead with the surgery. So, please think twice about the surgery if the patient is young. If the patient is 35+, you can go ahead very well for the


It is not 100% safe. In some cases (maybe ~ 5% - but who wants to figure among that 5%) permanent complications (double vision, dryness of eyes, optic nerve damage) have arisen. Of course most cases have been successful... I can give you more dtls on this..


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