Thursday, October 14, 2004

India next global hub for software - Really ?!

Infy chief Narayan Murthy sees India emerging as a global player in software products.

Should I call it wishful thinking ?

I see a constant bitter struggle in a majority of IT services companies in building competencies in particular domains. Most of them want to be able to build strengths without investing the necessary time. There isn't a clear cut focussed plan and effort for that either. And, such things can't come out of wishful thinking !

BTW, what kind of R&D investments do all these top notch companies make ? How much of their revenue or profits is used for R&D ? And, what is the kind of R&D they get involved in ?

More often than not, they'd like to retain the flexibility of having to move people around to plug "gaps". Very rarely do people stay on teams or a particular domain for a long time. Staying on one team causes individual growth to be often stunted as a resuilt or isn't the best possible thing that can always happen.

In fact, it's also "socially" a "surprise" for people to stay in one place, one team for a long time. People start to question the "saleability" of the individual !! :)

I guess this is good enuf for a start. I'm getting tired ! :) Maybe another day on this topic.

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