Thursday, October 14, 2004

(Google Founders) Larry And Sergey's Wild Indian Vacation

What does $4 billion get Google founders Sergey Brin and Larry Page? "Well it brought us to India, didn't it?" they said, kicking off their first whistle-stop tour of India, which they hope will end with a rickshaw ride back to California. Google's new Bangalore facility, which they visited, will be devoted to research into new products to expand Google's portfolio. Seventy percent of the facility is dedicated to search, 20% to Gmail, and the rest in other areas, giving you an idea what a huge priority Gmail is to Google. The new Hyderabad office will be a support center for AdWords, and be home to engineering, human resources, online sales and services. Staying true to its famous slogan, Google's India offices will not be "evil" and operate on United States time, keeping employees at work while their families and countrymen sleep, but will run a normal India workday.

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