Monday, October 04, 2004

Broadband saga in India ...

Airtel Broadband (formerly Touchtel) - DSL plans start at 64kbps for about Rs.700 per month (10pm-8am unlimimted download, free hours).

Sify Broadband - shared cable modem access (unlimited time, data transfer) at Rs.600 per month.

VSNL - plans to begin in Dec 2004. Currently offering shared cable modem access in Mumbai.

BSNL DIAS Broadband - renewed full fledged plans to being in Oct 2004. Probably shared cable access.

Reliance - wait and watch !

Any others ?

The biggest problem is that these service providers don't keep their tarriff plans up2 date on their sites. So, best of luck figuring out what the present pricing policy / services are. The best thing is to call your local representative and ask for details.

And all these guys are still pricy, IMHO :)

We should be getting "true broadband" (read 512kbps) at reasonable (read Rs.1000) prices with no bandwidth cap. That's the international scene at this moment, or so I think.

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Sushubh said...

you can take it from me that sify broadband sucks. the fact is that they do not want the users to enjoy broadband even if soem of them manage to get that. most do not get anything close to what they pay for.