Thursday, September 23, 2004


Texas Instruments is not convinced that WiMax will replace DSL anytime, according to Infoworld. Joe Cruppi, a senior executive with the company chatted with the magazine and had to say about Intel's claim of WiMAX as a DSL replacement.
But Crupi is skeptical of these plans, citing as an example the Broadband Wireless Internet Forum (BWIF), an industry group that several years ago advocated the adoption of a different fixed-wireless technology for broadband Internet access. While BWIF made many of the same promises now being made about WiMax, the BWIF technology was never deployed commercially and the broadband Internet access market has since come to be dominated by DSL and cable. For example, in China, one of the world's fastest growing markets for broadband Internet services, operators are not talking much about WiMax, he said.
Talking about WiMAX, I am conducting a panel on WiMAX down in Palo Alto for the MIT alumni gang. Fujitsu, Intel, Alvarion and several others are going to be there, and would report in complete detail what they have to say!

Source: Om Malik on Broadband

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