Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Taxation with Transparency campaign - Janaagraha

An interesting movement !

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Subject: Taxation with Transparency campaign

Dear Bangalorean,

Greetings from JANAAGRAHA.

None of us are happy paying more tax. Especially when we know there are an equal number who don’t pay any tax. That’s the truth with property tax in Bangalore! According to a public statement made by the Mayor recently, only 5.4 Lakh properties out of a registered total of 10 Lakh properties actually pay any property tax.

And now the govt. plans to raise tax collections to generate additional revenues for infrastructure development. And, guess who is going to bear the brunt of this additional tax burden? Those of us who pay our fair share of tax!

Shouldn't the Govt. be focusing their energies on ensuring more people pay their tax rather than increasing the tax burden for those who pay? Imagine what the govt. can do with the funds generated from the rest of those who aren’t paying their property tax!

Janaagraha has launched a signature campaign in support of this cause - Taxation with Transparency. All it takes is to click on the link below and register your support electronically or call 080-2354238.

I don’t own any property, so this isn’t for me, right?

No. This is for all of us, because this applies to property tax today, but could well apply to other forms of tax tomorrow!! So, no matter whether you are a property owner or not, Bangalore needs your support.

The Taxation with Transparency campaign is just one of the many initiatives of Janaagraha. We are a Citizens Movement, working with the government for a better Bangalore. If you’d like to know more about Janaagraha, click or call 080-23542381/ 2.

If you know of others who are likely to support this campaign, we urge you to please forward this mail. We need the support of all of Bangalore, in this cause.

Thank you for your effort,
Swati & Ramesh Ramanathan
Co-founders, Janaagraha

#198,Nandidurg Road
Bangalore 560046

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