Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Security, identity issue ?! - ID a must at cybercafes

> BANGALORE: Going to a neighbourhood cybercafe to check your email? In
> just a few days time, you'll need more than just money to enable you to
> use the Internet. You will need your photo-ID in hand and will have to
> enter details like your name and address in a log book that will be
> maintained by cyber cafe owners.
> If you are not carrying a photo-ID card, you will have to get your
> photograph taken by webcam in the cafe and enter your details on the
> computer and your photograph will be stored in the computer for a period
> of one year. All this is part of a path-breaking move by the Cyber
> crime police station to regulate cyber cafes in the state and to stem
> cyber crime.


Huh, can you believe it ?! Whatever happened to privacy, identity
security, ... ?!



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