Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Off to the UK for studies ...

Hmm, it wasn't me :(

My cousin Deepak (the guy in the left corner of this photo - is and looks much older now) left for the University of Aberdeen today to do his MBA. More details on his course, howz life there, etc l8r.

It was his first flight trip ever and that too an international one, lucky chap :)

For now, let me just say that it was a 2hr sleep last night due to his send off. Slept at 1am or so, woke up @ 3am. Started for airport (Chennai Anna International Airport) at around 4.20am. Reached there at around 4.45am or so. His flight was at 8am !

His parents (my uncle and aunt), his sister, and his friend came along with us. It was a long wait at the airport till we saw the plane take off finally at around 8.45am or so (scheduled departure at 8am!). Snaps on the occassion to be posted later.

And, all the best to my cousin ! :)

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