Monday, September 27, 2004

My machine's USB still sux ...

I just can't fathom whatz wrong with it ! It's an Azza board with a 250MHz MMX processor (of course overclocked - what else can you expect from me ?!). Has onboard USB controllers - most probably version 1.1.

However, the damn thing fails to evoke any response from any "passive" USB device (in my terminology, something that doesn't have it's own power source).

A colleague, who offered to help me try a few things out, and I spent a few hours in trying various combinations to make the damn thing work including putting pieces of his machine in place of mine. Nope, nothing worked. We finally gave up after a few hours of valiant struggle.

One good thing that happened was that I learnt that he had studied in the same college that I did and was my junior by a year !! Never knew the bloke at college or for the past 2.5yrs that he has been at my company. Strange, small world indeed :) Hopefully looking forward to see an evolving friendship.

My learnings on USB, Winduhs will never cease to amuse me. It appears that Winduhs 98 Second Edition also has a lot of problems with USB devices. So does Win2K straight out of the box or so its said. Apparently a few patches are needed to make it work (or so I think). What do these guys ever write software for ?! ;-)

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