Sunday, September 05, 2004

Internet Connectivity, GPRS, Airtel, Chennai

Here's my latest query !


I've been considering the various internet connectivity options available and it _appears_ that the GPRS package available from Airtel at Rs.600/-pm (per month) is a nice deal.

It offers at Rs.600/-pm unlimited data transfer, no cap on no. of hours (always on), data rate of 30kbps or 30KBps (max).

The primary usage will be in Chennai.

I don't yet have Satyam's shared access in my locality (expected any time soon) which sells at Rs.600pm, unlimited traffic, always on, shared access.

BSNL is supposed to come with a big band towards the end of the year, around Dec, but I'll keep my fingers crossed and use other alternatives till then.

Anyone has any feedback on the pros/cons/... of any of these services ?

FWIW, I heard that the defense department has recently pulled up DOT for allowing private mobile operators providing internet connectivity without proper security safeguards, but that's not my worry right now.


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