Thursday, September 30, 2004

Day off and just one thing to note ...

Today is a day off from both work and the usual dose of blogging. Will try to catch up with all of you tomorrow :)

In the meanwhile, here's some new cool thing I've found out today : FeedBurner

These guys give a variety of options in delivering feeds, statistics, ... And, at the moment, it appears to be free with not even a necessity to provide an email-id for registration. Go for it, to try it out !!

I'll end up investigating FeedBurner in complete detail very soon. In case you want a review, wait ! Or if you are game and can help me out, please do so :)

I discovered FeedBurner from here. And now I find that Scoble has just mentioned it here. Talk about coincidences of noticing this and blogging about it !! Man, am I happy :)

And then, there's the My Yahoo RSS integration that got wide mention y'day. Check it out if you are a yahoo account holder !


Krish said...

Feed Burner works great...

Just look at the right side of this blog:

Thanks for finding it :)

tweedledeetweedledum said...

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