Thursday, September 16, 2004

Bharti Chennai blackout - leaves a lot to be desired from telecom operators ...

Bharti's Airtel and Touchtel services went out of air in Chennai last night at around 8.45pm IST. News today morning was that their NOC was disrupted by fire and hence the shutdown.

Makes me wonder what kind of disaster management/recovery plans these guys have ?! Do they have any ?! It's understandable if the shutdown is in a small region (such as a cell or an exchange), but bringing down an entire mobile and landline network in a place as big as Chennai leaves a lot to be desired in Bharti's capability.

The issue is compounded because several business which use their VPN services would also have been affected.

I don't know telecom network topology and management, but it sure beats the heck out of me to think that they didn't have an alternate !

Who will bear the responsibility of such mishaps ? How will they compensate their customers ? And, who will guarantee that such network shutdowns will not happen in the future ?


Krish said...

Expecting your feedback on Bharti's Broadband connection :)

Get it soon and rate it!!!

Anonymous said...
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