Thursday, September 09, 2004

10 Tips for Flirting

10. It's all about attitude. Be self-confident and willing to take risks. Have a postive outlook, and show enthusiasm.

9. Don't be a passive maid-in-waiting. Take the initiative and strike up a conversation, a simple hello is a good enough opening line. Be humorous, natural and stay cool. You can discuss the place you are at, the people, ask about general interests and find a common platform to talk about.

8. Use the person's name when talking to him. It makes a person feel good and adds a personal touch to the conversation. When saying goodbye too use his name.

7. Enjoy yourself. Be playful, light-hearted and spontaneous. A woman enjoying herself is attractive and charming.

6. If you frequently find yourself at a loss for conversation keep some aids to help you out. You could take with you (depending on the occasion) unusual jewellery, an exotic scent, a designer bag, an interesting book or magazine, dogs or kids.

5. Move closer to the person you are interested in. It should be a natural movement as you talk in gentle animated tones.

4. Listen and be genuinely interested in what your partner is saying. Everyone loves to be heard, and this will definitely draw your partner towards you.

3. Make intermittent eye contact. Look your partner in the eye for just a couple of intense seconds, before you glance away. Definitely avoid staring.

2. Do not hesitate to compliment. It's a sure way of giving the green signal. But your compliments must be sincere. If you receive a compliment it is best to merely say 'Thank You' along with a smile!

1. And don't forget your most natural turn on is a smile. A smile reflects welcome and warmth, it says 'I am interested in you'. It is a sure draw.

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