Monday, July 26, 2004

In this article, eWeek compares the different approaches to modeling tools found in IBM Rational's "Atlantic" and Microsoft's Visual Studio Team System.

eWeek: IBM Takes On Microsoft Over Modeling Tools

One key issue separating IBM Rational's tools from Microsoft's VSTS (Visual Studio Team System) solution is the approach to modeling. UML is the OMG (Object Management Group) standard for modeling. IBM said it is necessary; Microsoft said it is not.

Rick LaPlante, general manager for VSTS at Microsoft, said UML represents an unnecessarily complex model for many developers and is not a strategy Microsoft will explicitly support. "Ten years from now, modeling won't be reserved for the priests in the organization," LaPlante said. "Nor will it be this thing done on the side that requires a special organization that is the only people who do modeling. I think it will become pervasive."

What do you think? Can modeling exist without UML?

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