Thursday, July 29, 2004

ICICI customer management ...

I called up ICICI's customer care over telephone for reporting an address change. I have a credit card with ICICI and two bank accounts with them. My credit card's communication had been changed (about two weeks ago) to the
"new" place I moved out to. However that was not automatically reflected in the other two entities (bank accounts) that I have with them !! How dumb ?!

How does their policy allow one to have different communication addresses ? Isn't that a violation in itself and also, how stupid can their software integration be ? Why is it that they can't see just one integrated view of me ?

The irony is that the customer representative was telling me that all are different products and have to be dealt with individually, while all their documents do state that information will be shared between ICICI entities (finance, credit cards, banking, ...) for better service !! Now, that's what I call CRM (sarcastic) !!

Looks like there's a long way to go for the banking folks to get their act right !

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