Thursday, July 15, 2004

I sold my bike ...

at last :( I was hardly using it for the past year or so since I got my car. My dad has this scooter which he doesn't want to give up ('cos he doesn't know how to use a mobike) and the bike was getting "rusty". It was a Bajaj Caliber 110cc (black color) and I loved it.

The 4.5yrs that it has been with me, it served me quite faithfully. Used to give me about 50kmpl or more (rarely did I measure mileage). Used to start without much ado even after leaving it idle for months together.

Of course it did give me headaches when there was the rare puncture or running of out of petrol issue, but otherwise it was a darling. It survived a crash at 90kpmh (reason - careless me) and still left me walking quite fine with not much of a bruise on me and hardly a dent on the vehicle !! Bye bye bike - I hope your new onwer takes care of you :)

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