Friday, July 30, 2004

How to Increase Yahoo Mail Box Size From 6MB to 100MB ...

Try this at your own risk. This has been reported to be working by a large number of folks at my office. Still ... :)


Follow the steps to convert your from 6MB to 100MB.

1. Login to your Yahoo! Mail account

2. If you see only 6MB, go to Mail Options

3. Select Account Information from the left of the screen

4. You'll be asked for your password again. Enter it.

5. You will see the Membership Information page

6. Copy your url into notepad.

7. Copy the below url page also into notepad***********&.done=http%3a//***********

8. Copy your scrumb code (this should be the last 11characters of your url) from your url and place it in the two places of my url where the *********** is.Copy this url (which has your scrumb code) back into your browser. Hit Enter..

9. Change your settings to English - US.

10. Accept the New User Agreement.

11. You will be logged out.

12. Go to and relogin.

13. You will now see a 100MB mailbox.

14. Enjoy.

15. If it didn't work mail

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