Wednesday, March 10, 2004

Guess whoz on the Net in the "new" way - via RSS (not the socio-political orgn) and blogs - nowadays ?!

Microsoft RSS Feeds



For those who are interested in knowing more about RSS/ATOM feeds, read

The really simple future of the web
What the hell is RSS ?

Blogs are also getting hotter by the day, more so with RSS/ATOM feeds easily integrating into them and cool posting tools !!

An interesting read on how M$ is doing "brave" new PR stuff via an "innovative" strategy is one of using its employee's blogs for passing on "cutting edge" stuff as well as talk subtly about its practices, happenings, etc is available from

Try for more of same variety @
Microsoft Bloggers
Sun Systems Bloggers - not in the same league as our friends above ;-)

You'll be surprised at how much info is coming out of there. It's treading a very thin line on what to disclose and what not to. And companies are beginning to evolve policies for these !

FWIW, more and more companies are trying to provide RSS/ATOM feeds both to their internal and external audience.

And, some companies are scrambling (so to speak) to get RSS technology embedded into their OS (M$ - LongHorn, Sun - JDS) for various reasons !,4149,1544882,00.asp?kc=EWRSS03129TX1K0000630

For some more related info on RSS/ATOM readers, blogs, and such, visit My RSS/ATOM Page

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